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đŸ”„Maternity waist artifactđŸ”„

Common people with poor lumbar spine: pregnant women with lumbar fatigue, elderly cervical spondylosis, office workers, drivers.

Product Features

  • Scientific design. The middle is harder and the two are softer. Embracing waist support design.
  • 26 degrees good lumbar spine. Solve the hanging problem, fill the gaps in the waist, and fit and relax the lumbar spine.
  • The fabric is breathable. The hollow design is more refreshing, anti-mite, using pearl cotton, soft and comfortable.
  • TAdjustable height. The inside of the round cake is a sponge, which is placed at the bottom of the waist pillow and can be adjusted in height. There are Velcro on the top to fix the round cake.
  • The elderly, pregnant women and office workers are all available.

Product Specification

  • Filler composition and content: pearl cotton + buckwheat hull
  • Pillow core fabric: pearl cotton + buckwheat shell
  • Pillow height: 10.1-15cm
  • Pillow shape: round
  • Pillow weight: 0.32kg
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