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Clean Your Bike's Chain in Just minutes! No More Time Consuming Work!

Cleaning Your Bike's Chain can be a Very tedious & Time consuming task, without mentioning the back pain that comes from leaning down to clean it!


Are you a mountain biker? Do you Road Race or do Cross country Cycling?

Cleaning Your bike chain should be an essential task! A clean chain means a Faster Bike & Smoother shifting + A Healthy & Long Lasting chain!

Built in Brushes that reaches every angle of your chain! x12 Times More effective than manual work.

The Built in brushes are specially designed to Clean the hard to reach parts of your chain! Which means a cleaner chain, and less manual work!



1. Fill it With Water or Any Chain Cleaning Gel

Simply put a cleaning liquid inside it and close it. The Brushes inside+the liquid will make your chain like new!


2. Make The Wheels Rotate & Let The Tool Do the work for You!

No More Time consuming work, no more back pain, and x12 Times Cleaner Chain!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can i use it on a Motorcycle?

Yes! It can be used on motorcycles! However, it may not be the best fit for really big chains that some rare motorcycles have!

Does it work on chains from all sizes?

Yes! The BikeQuick is designed to work on most chains as long as they fall under the standard chaine type! If you chain is extremely big, then this tool may not be for you!

How to use it?

Watch the tutorial section above, it goes through all the steps you need to know!

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes! We accept PayPal payments as well to offer the maximum Buyer protection possible!

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